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Tecnoprinter of Radaelli Danilo

Via Aldo Moro 25 - 20060 Truccazzano

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Tecnoprinter of Radaelli Danilo - Via Aldo Moro 25 - 20060 Truccazzano (MI)


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Lease / Rental


Tecnoprinter of Radaelli Danilo, a company based in the province of Milan, specialized in the supply of Printers for labeling and materials consumption, we can offer a huge opportunity: hire the operating of printers for coding and bar-code readers and all of the products marketed. ( Card printers and Solutions)

The job market is becoming so complex that many customers are asking the question: why buy a car when I can rent with so many advantages both in economic and tax!
The advantages are many and let's see them briefly:


  • Tax savings and the cost is fully deductible, also to Irap purposes, without distinction between principal and interest, unlike a lease.
  • Possibility to choose how to divide the cost according to your budget requirements and, consequently, reduce the possible profit of the company (a minimum of 24 to a maximum of 60 months).
  • Vat anticipated on the single fee and not on the entire amount.
  • It is a business contract, does not enter the central risks and, as such, it leaves free the access to additional credit with respect to leasing or financing.
  • Simple to manage for the administration, being a bill of service and not of the asset.
  • More security with the insurance coverage Insurance all-risk insurance.
  • Flexibility in management with the ability to add goods in the course of the work, with a maturity equal to the contract.
  • Unlike the direct purchase, no capital loss at the end of the contract if you decide to dispose of the asset.
  • Full funding of the asset and certainty with respect to the costs (fixed fees and non-indexed).

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