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Tecnoprinter of Radaelli Danilo

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Tecnoprinter of Radaelli Danilo - Via Aldo Moro 25 - 20060 Truccazzano (MI)


Ribbon for Label Printers

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Ribbon for label printers

Thermal transfer printing is the most used technology for printing labels and receipts.
The thermal transfer ribbons (also called ribbon or foil, are an essential component of this technology and the quality of the thermal transfer ribbon is critical to ensure the best printing result.

The thermal transfer ribbons can be of different types, to be chosen in function of the purpose of the use that may be searching for a low-cost printing or for labels that are resistant to last a long time. These Thermal transfer ribbons are a great solution for the labelling of products or for printing of tickets and allow you to join their versatility to the quality most required in the commercial sector, i.e. efficiency, Cost, Speed, and Durability.

To meet every possible need, the thermal transfer ribbons can be black, colored in both gold and silver.
Tecnopost is a company located in the province of Milan that can satisfy any possible need in each of the many possible industrial applications of the thermal printing.

Tecnopost sells all of the thermal transfer ribbons of the ORIGINAL ZEBRA.

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